Testimonials For Jesus

Daniel David Ertel
God's Amazing Healing Power!

God can do anything. He's pulled me out of impossible situations.

Did I ever tell you about a miraculous healing the Lord did for me in 1984? I'd had a bad virus, very ill, and not long after I started to recover, had pain in my eye. It felt like a cut, or an eyelash, I looked in the mirror but couldn't see a scratch.

Well, I went to an eye doctor. After the exam, he said, "looks like herpes." I laughed out loud and said, "you're kidding, right? That's impossible." I'd been a Christian for 2 years and knew I couldn't have a sexual disease. He replied, "this is the first case of fresh herpes I've seen in years." Ocular herpes develops from a virus. It only spreads to the genitals (the kind of herpes most are familiar with) through sexual contact. He told me that it would subside, but flare up every few weeks, and eventually could eat away at the cornea, causing blindness.

Sure enough, it kept coming back, and not only was it very painful, but a side effect was an intolerance to light. I couldn't even go to church without sunglasses. I remember going to Job Service looking for work, and explained to the interviewer my medical problem forcing me to wear shades. He said, "you'd better explain that to any job interviewer, or they'll think you're trying to be Joe Cool."

One day, I was on my way back from a piano tuning job in Sheboygan and was so full of tears in my eye from the herpes I could barely see to drive...very dangerous situation indeed. I found myself crying out loud, "Lord, I don't want this anymore, and I can't have the faith for you to heal me unless I first believe that you WANT to...I believe you want to...please heal me now, in Jesus' name."

I can tell you truthfully that the pain and tears went away immediately...I was so amazed. Never to return, ever...it's been 26 years now.

That night, I went to my Bible Study group with my shades on as usual, and told them what happened that day, and to emphasize the power of the story, took my sunglasses off.

You could have heard a pin drop. There wasn't much of a "praise the Lord" sentiment in the room, people just stared at me like this was so weird. And I thought, "you know, this is amazing. Here we are, studying the Bible and reading about all of the miraculous deeds that God has recorded in it, but when someone has evidence of this actually occurring in modern day life, you look at him like he's nuts." I didn't tell them this, though.

I know that God allows trials for a reason, and doesn't always choose an immediate healing like this...but I've seen enough miracles in my life to know that He can, and does. So, we need to keep the faith, even when it's not easy...can you believe that I've doubted, even after I've experienced the Power? I used to have a certain amount of contempt for the Israelites' lack of faith when I was a kid...how can you doubt after you see the Red Sea part? We need to be on guard against this...you've probably received David Wilkerson's message, "God Will Never Forsake His People." How true!!

I got saved in 1981 from an article in the National Enquirer...a series of publications from the "Sword of the Lord" ministries headed up by Dr. John Rice...who'd have thought that the Lord would use a sinful magazine to bring in a lost soul? Well, He did! He knew that that's where the sinners go!

Richard Brantley
When I was (10) days old

My sweet momma dedicated me to the Lord and our (90) year old Pastor (after I started crying like a Comanche Indian) hushed everyone, nicely, and told them not to laugh, this was the cry of a 'fore-runner' and he would grow up - after much adversity to stop him - to Powerfully Preach the Gospel All over the World!

(7) yrs later, I contracted a deadly virus and went into a comma after three hours of blazing hot fever, and was in this condition for three days until I expired biologically and physiologically. The doctor's spent (24) hrs trying to get my momma to release me, and get them to pull the respirator plug but she would not. She told them that (7) years ago God said I would Preach the Gospel all over the world after much adversity & this is all that is, and I will fully recover, and started requesting prayer from everyone she knew, who knew how to pray.

I stayed in this fully brain-dead condition for (38) hours, and then woke up and sat up in bed, and the nurse on duty screamed, and down the hall came everyone, and the doctor asked her what had happend - (last part to follow now)

My momma told him I asked for Neopolitan ice cream and he said, "He has no brain in his head, the virus completely destroyed it", & showed her the brain scan beside her. She simply said, "then you ask him" & she said he turned pale and said, "son, did you want something?" And I said, I'm starving! I want some Neopolitan Ice Cream, upon which he said, "Give that boy anything he wants", and then they proceeded to test me with all known machinery, finally concluding that "it must be a miracle" (DUH!!!) "for there is no known explanation for what just happened!"

Long story short, after returning from Korea in the Army and meeting my sweet, sweet wife of now (45) years, I went to College and studied hard and became a Senior Pastor & the rest is still being written!

Bless you all, and believe me - that WAS the short version! I am now semi-retired, but Pastored my last (20) years here in Sarasota, the Wonderful church we founded in 1989.

SOSWI Church Est 2010
Superior, WI